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Children Welfare During the ECQ


LGUs can use the joint circular as a guide in protecting and promoting the rights of children during the enhanced community quarantine.

- It requires LGUs to recognize and promote the rights and best interests of children during the implementation of the Enhance Community Quarantine, especially during curfew hours.

- It states that LGUs shall be guided by principles of non-discrimination and equal treatment of all individuals.

- It reiterates that LGUs shall strictly observe guidelines for reaching out to children in street situations.

- It reiterates that all measures to be implemented shall preserve the dignity and welfare of every child.

- It states that curfews and ordinances are issued to protect children. Hence, no penalty may be imposed on children for their violations. Instead, they shall be brought to their residence or to any barangay official at the barangay hall to be released to the custody of their parents and provided with appropriate interventions .

- It emphasizes the strict compliance to the following protocols:

  • Protocol for Case Management of Child Victims of Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation
  • Protocol to Reach Out to Street Children
  • Manual in Handling Cases of Children at Risk and Children in Conflict with the Law
  • Barangay Protocol in Managing Cases of Children in Conflict with the Law and Children at Risk
  • Guidelines on the Localization of the Comprehensive Emergency Program for Children (CEPC) of RA 10821

- It calls for consideration for children who are outside their homes during the enhance community quarantine on account of a health and medical-related justifications.

- All LGU officials are required to apply child and gender-sensitive language and guidelines to children found outside of their home during the enhance community quarantine.

- All LGU officials shall first reach out to the parent, guardian of the child or social worker before the child is processed.

- All LGUs are encouraged to adopt or enhance the existing guidelines mentioned above (e.g. conducting orientation on child protection).

Joint Memorandum Circular
Valenzuela Localized Memorandum
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