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Dyipni Maki Program

Since jeepney drivers lost their source of income because of the pandemic, LGUs can create programs that will give them income.

The Makati City government has implemented a program called "Dyipni Maki" where jeepney drivers will be hired to turn their jeepneys into mobile learning hubs that will visit the city’s different barangays. Their jeepneys will be outfitted to transport books and other learning materials, teachers and librarians, and laptops with internet connection. Parents can borrow the resource materials in the hubs which also act as a place for learning and reading activities, book donation drives, and other projects that will promote reading in communities.

The jeepneys will be deployed starting October, and the local city government, which is coordinating with the Makati Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association, will be paying P2000 for each mobile unit.

Teachers will also be hired to implement the project, with the local government unit estimating to hire at least 54 teachers.

Article on Dyipni Maki
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