Medical Facilities

The Mandaue City Central Quarantine Facility (MCCQF)

LGUs can allot their budget into building quarantine facilities for their community.

The facility was designed and built by the Mandaue City Department of General Services under the instructions to create a quarantine facility using existing public buildings in order for the city to save money and resources which can be used for other purposes in combatting COVID-19.

Currently in operation, the facility’s negative room pressure system is an isolation technique used in hospitals and medical centers to prevent cross-contamination from room to room. The air inside the facility will be sucked out by a ventilation fan and made to pass through a filter so that contaminated air cannot escape.

Comfort rooms and sinks are already installed and are ready to be used. In an isolation setting, cleanliness and hygiene are still of paramount importance.

Alarm and bell systems have been installed for isolated patients to easily call the attention of the health personnel in case they need anything.

Wastes generated by the facility will not be mixed with ordinary household garbage as they are considered contaminated. The city has hired a specialized waste disposal contractor to handle the hazardous wastes generated by the facility.


Post Contributor: League of Cities of the Philippines

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