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Viber Community on COVID-19 Policies for LGUs


LGU officials can join the Viber community to be updated with the latest policies issued by government agencies.

This is an unofficial repository of verified compilation of government issuances complete with original links and attachments from government agencies. Members of this community would have their phone numbers hidden so as to maintain their privacy. There are about 220 members in this Viber community.

For LGU officers and employees who are always on the move and prefer to read the latest verified government updates and policy changes in relation to COVID-19. This Viber community would keep you updated wherever you are in a friendly chat-like format but without personal or spam messages.  

To be part of this Viber community:
- Visit
- Then using the Viber app, scan the QR code at the bottom left part of the screen
- You'll be redirected to the Viber community instantly!

This project is supported by The Asia Foundation in cooperation with the Department of the Interior and Local Government.
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