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What a Safe Home Looks Like

With the COVID-19 pandemic compounding cases of domestic abuse and violence, there is a need to transform Filipino homes into safe spaces for all household members.

Here are seven things that Filipino families should have to ensure the safety of their households:

Privacy for All

Everyone should have the space to engage in their own activities and relations without intrusion and isolation. This is especially helpful for children below 18 to protect themselves from predators.

Teach and Respect Consent

No one is singled out or touched without their consent and pressured or influenced to partake in vices or sex.

Open communication

All household members have opportunities to communicate and express themselves without judgment and punishment.

Adequate support

Every household member is given sufficient economic, emotional, and other forms of assistance for their personal growth.

Equitable division of labor

Chores and errands are shared by everyone in the household, regardless of SOGIE.

Compassion for other household members

Extended family members, house helpers, and pets are treated with compassion.


Household members of all ages and characteristics capacitate each other with valuable life skills and knowledge.

However, guaranteeing safety does not stop at the household level. To find out how the local government can keep families safe, read the policy brief below.

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