Free Range Chicken Raising Project

Free Range Chicken Raising Project


Residents in Mountain Province are experiencing difficulties in food security due to the lack of additional sources of food during the pandemic.


The LGU distributed livestock, specifically day-old chicks, along with 15 kilos of chick booster feeds to beneficiary farmers. Additionally, a Farmer Poultry School, funded by ATI-CAR and DA-CAR, provided beneficiaries with hens, roosters, and layer feeds.


Around 2,200 beneficiaries received a total of 44,000-day-old chicks provided by the LGU (20,000) and DA-CAR (24,000), and 407 sacks of chick booster feeds.

Implementation Guidelines

Guideline 1: Align the solution with the community’s traditions

The LGU noted that raising livestock in their own backyards is a longstanding local tradition for residents, particularly for the use of chickens in religious rituals. This suggests that the community may be more receptive to this proposed solution.

Guideline 2: Ensure that the solution is easy for the beneficiaries to manage

Free-range chickens are suitable for families in the area who may not have expensive housing. Additionally, they are already familiar with raising chickens, which proves beneficial not only as a food source but also for gardening.

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