Pacri Creek Eco Friendly Waste Water System

Pacri Creek Eco Friendly Waste Water System


Garbage from other barangays flows into Pacri Creek and ends up in General Malvar. This water also carries other dirt and chemicals that damages the 92 deep wells that are the residents' main source of water. Because of this, the barangay has recorded more than 50 gastro-intestinal diseases.


The barangay installed a water filtration system to remove waste in Pacri Creek.


354 families in the barangay now have access to clean drinking water.

Implementation Guidelines

Guideline 1: Create a prototype of your project first

Example: The barangay created a small-scale prototype of a water filtration system using fiber, screen, charcoal, sand, and plants. It helped to see its effectiveness first without needing huge funds. 

Guideline 2: Contact neighboring LGUs for collaboration

Example: To accelerate the positive impact of the project, the barangay contacted its neighboring LGUs. They collaborated on plans that would help eliminate waste going into the Pacri Creek. They also created an investment program to extend its sustainability.

Guideline 3: Invite volunteers

Example: The barangay opened a call for volunteers who are willing to clean the Pacri Creek, while also building a water filtration system.

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