Pinang Dela Cruz: Babae


Many women in their barangay experience abuse.


The Committee on Women, Children, and Family of the barangay created a group of actors named Pinang Dela Cruz: Babae to perform theater performances in different puroks. It aims to spread ideas about gender equality by showing what abuses women experience.


Survivors were empowered to share their experiences so that they can help other women speak out too. Spark Phils also invites them every year to perform at their Women's Summit.

Implementation Guidelines

Guideline 1: Gather information about a community issue that needs attention

Example: The barangay collected data about the violence against women in the previous years.

Guideline 2: Plan how the project will be sustainable in future years

Example: The barangay allocated a budget for the project and included it in their Gender and Development (GAD) plan.

Guideline 3: See how to enter other affiliate projects

Example: Along with the presentations, the barangay also thought of having workshops for women's livelihood. They also planned how the project would be accessible to all residents.

Project Files
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