Vulnerable Groups

LGU of Lala provides elderly free meals and rides to vaccination sites

LGUs can encourage citizens such as the elderly to get vaccinated by providing incentives such as free food and transportation.

The Local Government of Lala in Lanao del Norte offered free meals and transportation services to senior citizens going to the vaccination center to encourage their participation in the national government's coronavirus disease (COVID)-19 vaccination program.

This VIP treatment for the elderly sector is a strategy of the LGU to entice them to get vaccinated.

The LGU provided a vehicle that would fetch them from the barangays then they would be given free snacks when they arrive, they also have free lunch, then they would brought back to their respective barangays.

They are giving priority to senior citizens in the vaccination program as older adults are most vulnerable to COVID-19.

The VIP strategy yielded positive results as more elderly in the municipality have availed of the government's vaccination program. The provincial government of Lanao del Norte has also increased the vaccine allocation of the municipality from 350 to 600.

Article on free meals and rides
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