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COVID-19 Pandemic Repatriates Monitoring Visualization Dashboard

LGUs could utilize various kinds of data gathering technology to make it easier to monitor COVID-19 related statistics.

As early as February 2020, the Municipal Epidemiologic Surveillance Unit (MESU) was already consolidating data for COVID-19. All data were encoded in excel format with very dynamic dataset that needs to be monitored and up dated. All reports from the HEMS Operation Center are in tabulated summary form printout from the dataset itself. As more cases began to rise in the country, Polomolok MHO made accurate and real-time data to appropriately manage resources and contain cases.

The Municipal Health Office shifted to qualitative data analytics which aids in offering a certain level of understanding and explanation of the real time reports and aids in the interpretation of patterns of repatriates by using forecasting models. Simultaneously, datasets were encoded in Geographic Information System (GIS) to oversee the number of PUM’s and PUI’s, under quarantine, and the area where potential off shooting of cases based on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

R12 Best Practices in Dealing with COVID-19 Crisis
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