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LGUs could coordinate with DICT in making VaxCertPH available to their locality.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is promoting among local government units (LGUs) in the establishment of a self-service portal, called VaxCertPH, that will produce credible and verifiable vaccine certification.

VaxCertPH allows the LGUs and citizens can generate their own digital vaccination certificates free of charge.

VaxCertPh portals (booths) will provide digital vaccination certificates that will represent the status of Filipino and non-Filipino citizens in the Philippines.

LGUs can make this service available by hosting its portal or booth in their area: DICT has started training designated focal persons who will be manning the portal to assist those who lack access to the internet or lack devices.

The vaccination certificate itself, however, is still undergoing development.

This digital vaccination certificate can be printed or saved on the computer or phone.

Data that are used in generating the digital vaccination certificate are from the Vaccination Information Management System – Immunization Registry where LGUs upload information on their vaccinated constituents.

VaxCertPH is secured by a public-private cryptography with QR codes that are verifiable online and off-line and is compliant with the World Health Organization:Digital Documentation of Covid-19 Certificate (WHO:DDCC).

Under the Covid 19 Vaccination Program Act of 2021, the Department of Health is mandated through the local government units, to issue vaccination cards, to issue vaccination cards to all vaccinated individuals and develop digital systems and applications to meet the needs of the vaccination program.

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