Green Wall of Alcala


The town of Alcala often experiences massive floods as high as 50 meters, devastating almost all the communities and their residents.


Alcala officials decided to build a 30-meter "wall" of native trees along the riverbanks to prevent these massive floods from happening.

  • More than 32,000 native trees have been planted in strategic locations as of December 2022.
Implementation Guidelines

Guideline 1: Seek the guidance of subject matter experts

Alcala officials asked for advice from the University of the Philippines' experts and researchers. There, they recommended building a green wall of native trees which is cheaper vs. building concrete walls. 

Guideline 2: Engage the entire community in the program development

Knowing trees take 3 to 5 years to grow, Alcala officials ask for the entire community's support to quicken the planting process. On top of that, LGU officials educate the residents on the climate change problem and the importance of all residents taking part in solving it.

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