Libertad Fish Forever Savings Club

Libertad Fish Forever Savings Club


Libertad, Antique's marginalized communities are neither empowered nor equipped to start saving for their family's future.


Libertad, Antique officials launched the Libertad Fish Forever Savings Club, a financial literacy club open to everyone in the municipality. In the club, members can deposit a minimum of Php50, which is equal to one share or one "fish" as they call it.

  • 75% of residents are now involved in the project 
  • 63 groups founded 
  • More than 23 million saved as of September 2022
Implementation Guidelines

Guideline 1: Tailor the program according to the need of the stakeholders

Libertad officials tailored the program's needs to the stakeholders, lowering the minimum deposits and making requirements easy to understand and accessible to residents. 

Guideline 2: Provide stakeholders with a sense of accountability

When designing the program, Libertad officials made sure to provide the participants with as much flexibility and accountability as possible. For example, participants were in charge of creating their own rules, such as how much the interest will be and how often the deposit would be, making participants more accountable for their actions.

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