Madrasah Curriculum


From the conversations with the community, the Pagayawan LGU identified a problem in the education of the youth, especially in the Madrasah since it usually does not receive support from the government. Community issues such as violent extremism, also surfaced and were talked about further.


The Pagayawan LGU created a standardized Madrasah curriculum emphasizing community building and peace while also teaching the laws of Islam and the Philippines.

Implementation Guidelines

Guideline 1: Create a technical working group (TWG) that includes all stakeholders.

Example: For Pagayawan LGU, they created a TWG composed of PNP, DepEd, LGU, and religious leaders.

Guideline 2: Interview various stakeholders affected by the problem

Example: The Pagayawan LGU interviewed various Datus about the problem of violent terrorism recruitment.

Guideline 3: Hire experts

Example: While developing the Madrasah curriculum, the Pagayawan LGU hired experts, together with the Principal of the Madrasahs to develop and evaluate the quality of the curriculum.

Guideline 4: Conduct community activities to gain support

Example: The Pagayawan LGU conducted workshops in various schools about the standardized Madrasah curriculum.

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