Purok Emergency Response Volunteers

Purok Emergency Response Volunteers


Barangay Poblacion often experiences various calamities such as flash floods, fires, and medical emergencies, which destroy the lives of many.


The LGU of Poblacion Kalibo created a Purok Emergency Response program, which teaches emergency medical and disaster response to volunteer responders of the 19 puroks, strengthening the disaster resiliency of the LGU.


40 people trained on Incident Response

Implementation Guidelines

Guideline 1: Gather data to develop stronger programs and ordinances

Example: Barangay Kalibo conducted surveys and interviews, where they learned how much damage the calamities have caused in their LGU, which led to more disaster related ordinances and programs.

Guideline 2: Create ordinances to help sustain the program

Example: Barangay Poblacion enacted an ordinance to ensure the continuation of their disaster-related programs.

Guideline 3: Use citizenship volunteerism

Example: Knowing that most citizens are willing to volunteer in their disaster-resilient programs, Barangay Kalibo focused their programs on volunteerism, and ensured that each purok would have a group of volunteers.

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